Bazooka, Red Aroma

A nightmare beyond life and death.

A creepy elementary school. An underground world reigned by a mysterious machine. What do these two places have in common? Red Aroma.

Date: August 16, 2010
Role: Director
Production Company: Claw Films


Directed by Maurizio Zappettini

Production Company Claw Films
Produced by Sean Stuart
Cinematography by Joe Dyer
Production Designer Monica Black
Visual Effects Supervisor Maurizio Zappettini


Michael Bingas
Max Malone
Beverly Hertzberg

Drummer Ciara Lavers

1st A.D. Sean Stuart
2nd A.D. Al Richardson
Steadycam Operator Thomas English
First A.C. Ralph Messer
Second A.C. Stephen Cornacchia
Steadycam Operator Thomas English
Grip James Hornet
Gaffer Dave DeHaan
Best Boy Electric Paul Brennan
Playback Operator Hugh Griffiths
Prop Maker Daisy Popham
Wordrobe Sadie Edinton
Make-Up Artist Harriet Thompson
Drivers Chris Stone, Jim Richardson
Runners Louise Malin, Asami Ohkubo, James Vaughan

Post Producer Ben Falk
Edited by Vid Price @ Family
Negative Processing Supervisor Martin McGlone @iLab
Telecine Producer Joe West @ Rushes
Color Grading Simone Grattarola @ Rushes
Online and Compositing Brian King @ Berwick Post
Animation Jos Newbolt, Ninian Doff
Sound Design Filippo Quaglia